Our Processes

Product Packing

We pack our milk in a see-through packing to allow consumers to see what they are getting. To know HONESTLY that you have bought and importantly it is milk filled to the top. With Summerfield, you know what you are buying and giving to your family.

Shelf Life

Summerfield milk that is kept at 4°C has a shelf life of 21 days. Nevertheless, once the cold chain is broken, the shelf life is reduced to 14 days. The most important thing is to remember, when we served fresh milk with no preservatives, you do expect occasional misadventures with FRESH MILK. This is why we practice a no FUSS refund policy. Summerfield fresh milk without preservatives is very sensitive.



Milk Source

The source of milk in Malaysia comes from our farm in Johor, Kluang and 10 other contract farmers throughout Malaysia. The milk from our farm comes from Australian and Thai Holstein Friesian & Jersey cows. These cows are bred for milk volume and milk fats.  We are now preparing the farm to invite our customers to experience with us on a working farm with a little of comfort. We will be working with our retail partners and we will also have a special weekend out for our loyal customer, limited on a first come first serve basis. We will start this program in April 2018. Stay tuned for more details. We are also drawing milk from local farmers. Every time you buy a bottle, you will keep 100 Malaysian farming and processing community working.


48 Hours to 72 Hours

The milk from our farmers is being collected every day, including our own farm. Within a day of processing, we will get the milk to you within 48 hours to 72 hours. We will be trying hard to get it to you in 48 hours. We are the new kid on the block, we believe we will get there.