Mmm… Just milk... that was all we wanted, as fresh as we can get and 100 % honest milk. It turns out to be, it was not that simple and at times, very challenging and expensive.


Good quality milk from the farm MUST be 100 % antibiotic-free. When Summerfield entered the Malaysian market, we are very confident of the milk from our farm. When we are collecting the milk from our contract farmers, we implemented a process of checking and testing for antibiotics at the site of our contract farmers before collecting their milk. We implemented a process to TEST and REJECT milk at their farms. This is an expensive process but necessary.  Animal antibiotic is meant for animal, not humans!


The more we learned about milk processing and what goes into it, we just wanted a process that produces simple, quality milk. The simpler we wanted it, the more technologically demanding it became. We learned that milk must be kept in sterilized packing. Everywhere in the world, you may find the most common sterilization for the packing of liquid is by using Hydrogen Peroxide, H202 (in layman’s terms, it is bleach). The safety standard for the usage of Hydrogen Peroxide is to monitor its residue based on parts per million (ppm).


We searched and found a new sterilization process in Europe, using extreme heat and water process called Ozone Water Technology. This means a sterilization process not using Hydrogen Peroxide, which means the sterilization occurs at the final stage before the products go on the shelves. With this process, we are able to have 21 days of shelf-life and we never have to worry about Hydrogen Peroxide residue in our milk. We could final say it is Mmm… Just Milk. No Hydrogen Peroxide residue means there is no need to monitor parts per millions!


An added bonus the sterilization process using heat water uses less water! The system was designed to be kind to the environment.  And the rest as they say is history. That is why we say Mmm.. Just Milk! A milk that we would give to our family.