Milk Source

The source of milk in Malaysia comes from our farm in Johor Kluang , The milk from our farm comes from Australian and Thai Holstein Frisian and Jersey cows. This cows are breed for milk Volume and milk fats.  we are now preparing the farm to invite our customers to share with us  and experience life on a working farm with a little of comfort. We will be working with our retail partners and we will also have a special weekend out for our loyal customer program limited on a first come first serve basis. We will start this program in April. Look our for details . we are also drawing milk from local farmers. Every time you by a bottle you keep easy 100  Malaysian  Farming and processing  community working .


48 Hours to 72 Hours

The milk from the farmers are being collected every today, some farms we collect on daily basis including our farm. With a day of processing we get milk to you within 48 hours or 72 hours. We will be trying hard to get it to you in 48 Hours. We are the new kid on block we believe we will get there.