How to Store Milk

Fresh milk should always be kept at 4oC. It is a very sensitive product and once the cold-chain is broken at any point of time, it turns sour and/or curdled.


At the Supermarket

Pick up the milk at the last of your shopping session, so it doesn’t warm up while you are shopping around and filling your basket. Refrigerate at a temperature of between 0°C and 4°C as soon as possible after purchase.


Check the milk's best before date and choose the product with the furthest date.



At Home

Once opened, milk is safe to consume for up to 3 days. We suggest to buy smaller amounts more often rather than keeping larger containers open in the refrigerator for extended time.

First in the fridge, first out. Open milk container in the same order in which you bought them.

Keep your milk away from strong-smelling food as the milk might able to pick up these odours.

We suggest to keep your milk on refrigerator shelves (which is cooler) rather than on its doors.



Our Library Sample Practice

We keep samples in the factory laboratory for every batch of milk we produce. The samples are kept for at least 21 days.


Our laboratory assistants test the samples every day to check for product stability. The library samples are kept in an ideal condition whereby they are stored at 4oC and the cold-chain is never broken. This will enable us to check and compare our product stability whenever customers provide feedback.